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A biological body has a fine energy structure, usually called the aetheric body, with energy centers, the chakras and energy channels, the nadis. All this transforms and guides life energy through the body. It keeps the body not only alive, but also healthy. When a being is subjected by trauma, physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual, it reacts with fear, and a contraction of the energy system takes place, often locally, at one location of the body.
Usually the body maintains this contraction because it doesn't understand that the trauma has passed. This contraction limits the energy flow in the body, creating an imbalance and weakening. Slowly disease sets in. A human being can unconsciously create an energy structure in his energy field that becomes rigid and it obstructs the free flowing life energy. It is like the armor of a knight; it protects the individual against perceived treats. Fears are mostly unconscious drives that originated in the past, but that continue to work in the present.
The armor itself is an energy structure, rigid in nature. It can be small and local in a small spot of the body, or it can envelop the entire body, depending on its nature. The problem is always the same. The armor limits energy flow. It is like a dam that restricts the water flow of a river. It weakens the body or body part, slowly creating disease. Then microbes will go where the cells are in a weakened state. Eventually the disease will create the death of the body. That is why Reich called this obstructed, restricted or limited energy flow structure DOR, Deadly Orgone Energy.
The Orgonite transforms this DOR, or deadly orgone Energy) and makes the energy flow again. Reich discovered that all metal attracts orgone energy, both positive and negative, but also immediately releases it. With Orgonites we have metal particles all attracting OR and DOR at the same time, and then immediately releasing it. As these metal particles are all next to each other they continuously exchange the energy they have absorbed. This happens so quickly and so many times that the rigid, armored DOR gets shaken loose and becomes free flowing energy, OR, again. This way Orgonite acts as a transformer for DOR into OR. This is how powerful Orgonite is.

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