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Living in times which are saturated with an enormous amount of man made electromagnetic radiation (a host of modern day electrical conveniences such as cell phones, telephone/communication towers, WIFI, computers/laptops, microwave ovens, etc.) as well as other unharmonious emanations such as negative thought atmospheric pressures - these often chaotic frequencies compromise one's ability to be in tune and in touch with one's inner being. One is literally swimming through seas of discord. When the electromagnetic circuitry of one's being is out of alignment - senses that something is missing in one's life. The result - disease, emotional turmoil, spiritual disconnectiveness.

The Orgonite pyramids work on a quantum level to assist in re-establishing & heightening subatomic particles/waves which flow in harmony. Being in a space of coherence can have uplifting and healing effects on all levels of one's life. Creating an oasis of positive energy flow allows one to view life with clearer perspectives, enhancing decision making abilities, empowerment, peace. The Orgonites assist in cleansing, releasing, re-aligning… producing healing energetic resonances around family members in a home environment & staff in a workplace.

Orgone Energy Brings Harmony: About

Aura of orgone energy flow out of the Orgonite Pyramid

aura energy.jpg
Orgone Energy Brings Harmony: About
aura radiation.jpg

Orgonites lessen radiation as this thermal wave scan shows us 

Orgone Energy Brings Harmony: About
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