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What did Leonardo DaVinci & the Ancient Egyption's know?

giza pyramids.jpg

Ancient Pyramids

Evidence that the Ancient Egyptians used high level technology to construct the pyramids is a great base for how we can understand how orgone energy could be used, stored & conducted for use.

The source of power for the ancient world is best represented by pyramids. The pyramids are mega structures that were made with geometric shape in mind. With energy naturally occuring everywhere on the planet it was important for the Egyptians to create a structure constructed of Granite, Quartz, Dolomite, Magnesium, & Schist as well as other metal elements to act as a power station in a sense.

The pyramids were used to produce power using natural elements in their construction but that also included using the sun, water, wind & the key energy lines that lay in the earth. This channeling of energy produced orgone energy or life energy.

3 lapis orgonite pyramids.jpg

Modern Pyramid Energy Sources

The pyramids we produce to provide orgone energy are called Orgonites. The Orgonites energy is provided using the natural elements that the earth gave us just like the ancient Egyption's did. 

The use of gemstones, minerals & metals allow us to create these mini power stations that provide positive energy flow, harmony in an environment as well as Chakra energy balancing. We use Shungite & Obsidian in our Orgonites to protect us from radiation which is important in today's living with many household item's & mobile phones giving off EMF radiation.

star of david 1.jpg

DaVinci & the Pyramid Mystery

Leonardo DaVinci's drawing "proportions of the human figure" show a connection between ourselves & the geometry hidden within the human body. The extraordinary mathematical equation somehow represents beautiful mathematical shapes.

As the image shows a star tetrahedron which also represents what some believe to be the human energy field also called Merkaba. You can take the two dimensional six pointed "Star of David" & if you interpret it as a view of a three dimensional object it is a perfect dipyramid.

The pyramids constructed by the Egyption's were not 3-sided tetrahedrons but were 4-sided pyramids because they had a square base plus four triangular sides. The devine nature of man is hidden inside of reality itself, & the true nature of reality is hidden within humans. Our relationship with the pyramid shape is a connection far deeper than maybe humankind realizes.

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