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" During the testing of the orgonite  I experienced a strong expansion of my whole being and especially of the heart. I perceived orgonites, as a positive influence on me.

I believe that Reich's invention is very necessary for all people. Apparatus made by Shane Duffy according to Reich's schemes is useful for everyone, both for health and for cleaning the space."
PhD psychologist practitioner Elena Smirnova, the author of over 50 scientific publications in psychology and 8 monographs

 Best wishes

 Elena Smirnova

Elena Smirnova

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I've got to know Shane - "The Orgonite Man" over a period of time as he was keen on Crystals, Minerals & Gemstones.

When Shane told me he was going to create Orgonite Pyramids I was immediately interested, as I myself have been interested in the effects crystal energy's have on life on Earth. 

I congratulate Shane on the amazing Orgonites he hand crafts here in New Zealand as they are without doubt the best I have ever seen. True pieces of art. But the best bit about Shanes craft is he balances the energy in his Pyramids so well they give off amazing orgone energy & that is how Dr Reich believed people could benefit from such devises.

Owner of Rotorua Rock & Gemstone Shop a business of 37 years Colin Simmons has expert knowledge on Crystal & Gemstone health benefits. A student of strata geology Colin has studied Rocks & Minerals since the age of 8. 

Colin Simmons

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